Why In My Day…

As a UI/UX designer (User Interface/Experience) for websites and software, I’m all about making design as intuitive and user-friendly as possible and I try not to forget from whence I came in my technology. This was evident yet again this week as I was getting more perturbed at the lack of a reliable Wi-Fi connection […] More

A Slight Setback

I was really gung-ho at the beginning of the year to get this site re-designed and continuing updating the content but things didn’t work out as planned. I wound up stuck in Texas until mid-April attending to my late sister’s estate. As some of you may know, my lovely sister, Linda, was murdered last December […] More

The Truth About Design Careers

So I’m checking out other illustrators and designers and was reading an article about Pasquale D’Silva, a really amazing and talented illustrator and Creative Director & Co-Founder of Keezy. Something he said really caught my eye and I believe is pretty prevalent in many schools today that teach design and illustration. “Nobody was brutal enough […] More

Capturing Waterfalls

Waterfalls present a wonderful and challenging subject matter to photographers. They are beautiful, moving places and though often in tricky lighting situations they can be a dynamic subject. A lot has been written about the finer points of photographing waterfalls but the basics are fairly simple. Working with Movement Anytime you’re presented with a moving […] More

On Website Security

As some of you may have noticed my blog site was recently hacked by Chinese @#$% who apparently have nothing better to do. While they didn’t get any personal data (especially since I don’t keep any online) they did attempt to install a virus that might infect a visitor’s computer if they weren’t running anti-virus […] More

The Dearly Departed

In a way it seems almost insulting to mourn the loss of a favorite camera what with all the tragic loss of human life on a daily basis throughout the world but I do. I can’t help it because not only was it an expensive loss (insurance not current – my fault) but it was […] More