Semi-Career Change… Again

Frisky Panda LogoIf I had to guess, I’d say a lot of blogs have at least a dozens posts apologizing for not posting in a long time because, A.) like anyone cares and, B.) like anyone cares. So, with that in mind…

It’s been quite¬† a while since I posted anything here. I have several websites and had all but neglected them as well. In fact, I’d get rid of them but I really like the domain names and don’t want to give them up. Unless, you know, some millionaire decides he’d pay a ridiculous sum of money for it. For a while I didn’t feel much like writing, or reading for that matter. I used to do both all the time but after I lost my sister in 2013, I just lost interest in any such things. Even took some time before I felt like shooting again, but I did pick up my camera soon after I returned from Texas, being there for months to handle her funeral and her, and my father’s estate.

So here I am, in another year, and another job. After years in web design as a contractor, I took a job with a world-wide publishing company and have enjoyed it quite a bit. I’m a Senior Business Analyst, which means I do a lot of different things on a lot of different projects. When I first started, I was on a project that required some video editing and web site prototyping for the online assessment sites. Then some desktop publishing, and then I took over our content management system, and at the moment, I mage that and work on projects. I develop all our project sites in Alfresco, handle their administrative needs and train new users. I’m also working on a project with over 100 short books for student assessments and do a lot of stock photo research and editing with them. I really enjoy the work and the team I work with. I was even forced to use a Mac!

It’s been quite busy and I’ve all but given up any web design work. I passed off all but one of my clients and spend little time with it. My company pays well, has good benefits and treats employees well. When time allows I still do photography and have been trying to move back into doing more video but haven’t had much time. Plus, we had to move, yet again! They sold the house we had rented for two years, (it had a pool sauna, and hot tub, too! *sniffle*) and we’ve been slowly getting the new place in order. More difficult that anticipated but it’s a nice place.

So about the career path change. I guess I’m still in the creative field, and technical as well, but I’m expanding my skill-set to include more Adobe Illustrator and InDesign knowledge as we use both of those programs quite a bit at work. My company serves the education field quite a bit and are very pro-education so we have a free and accounts. When time permits, I try to take courses every month, though we’ve been swamped on a project since July of 2017. I’m also diving into animation with Adobe products. Through work, I have the full Adobe Creative Suite and have been started down that road. Looks like it would be a lot of fun even if I never do anything at work with it.

Who knows, maybe if this damn winter will every go away (snow storm on April 2nd!) I’ll get some sun and might start writing again. If I can find the time!¬†

Be well, do fun stuff.

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