Semi-Career Change… Again

If I had to guess, I’d say a lot of blogs have at least a dozens posts apologizing for not posting in a long time because, A.) like anyone cares and, B.) like anyone cares. So, with that in mind… It’s been quite¬† a while since I posted anything here. I have several websites and […] More

I Bet Your Camera Takes Awesome Pictures!

Surrealistic image of woman by a lake

As a professional photographer, I do have quite a bit of money invested in equipment. I also invest in peripheral equipment like battery grips, flash brackets, monopods and the like because they help me to do my job better or easier. The result is an awesome looking rig to say the least! For instance, when […] More

Autumn Is Upon Us Once Again

Fall leaves

Fall is in the air once again and with it comes all we love about the season. Sure, it’s the end of Summer and it’s warmth and abundant sunshine but it’s also the harbinger of the beautiful colors of Autumn – and the death of mosquitoes! For me, Fall will always be my favorite season. […] More

Shooting the Super Moon!

Another Super Moon is upon us and I hear many of you are having a difficult time getting a decent image of it, or any moon shot for that matter. With a few tips, just about anyone can capture a nice shot of the full moon that would make Lon Chaney jealous! Use the Right […] More

Are Model Releases Always Required?

Image of a hand signing a model release

I am often asked if a model release is required for images of people and though there are some exceptions, I would advise you to always get a release if possible, especially if you plan to sell your work. Getting a release covers you for the obvious, of course but more importantly, for sales you […] More

Multi-Image HDR vs Single Image HDR

Let me start by saying this is by no means a scientific observation. In fact, were it not for spell-check I probably couldn’t even spell “scientific” but that’s not the point! This is just a quick and dirty comparison, mostly so I can see how they look online.¬† I’ve done a number of High Dynamic […] More